Of my Losses (Writing 101 – Prompt 4) (Part 1 of 3)

For Writing 101 as you can probably tell by now I’m going to be writing a three-part series on the losses of my life and how they have changed me. The next part of this will be updated in a week! I hope you don’t find this too depressing.

The Loss of Writing

For a long time now I lost my way due to my loss of writing, which is why I started this blog. To challenge myself in a new way and where I’m not limited to just writing stories. Where I can freely express my opinion on topics that interest me.

I started writing in 2013, where I wrote fanfiction on the site fanfiction.com on the British spy show called M.I. High. I enjoyed it for a long time there, but I struggled in making ideas work. It eventually led to me getting regular cases of Writer’s Block which led to the lack of updates. I also made the mistake of putting too many stories up at a time, which caused me stress and diminished any idea that I had. The account there is still there for people, but that account is now inactive as of 2014.

After my fanfiction phase, I moved on to Wattpad. Now, I definitely felt more at home on Wattpad and I still do. I wrote a short story and have a book on my thoughts. For some reason after my last update on my book of thoughts I suffered a massive case of writer’s block. Although I didn’t feel as limited to what I could write there, I still couldn’t help but feel claustrophobic in my abilities.

So, after the difficulties in the struggle to find the site that would foster my type of writing I found this site and gave blogging a go. Now, for the first time a sense of freedom is surrounding me and I love it! Plus, the people on this site are lovely, they like and/or comment your work. Getting followers is also pretty awesome!

Now, you could possibly say that I’ve found another passion which is blogging! Do I regret anything that has happened to get me to this point in my life? Not a chance, in fact I’d do it all over again if I could 🙂


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