Big Hero 6 Film Review

Now, this is my first film review so you could say that I am pretty stoked! I hope I am doing this right, please read, like, follow or leave feedback just to know with where I’m at and if I should continue this.

Thanks for your continued support,

– Ainsworth 🙂

This movie was superb, for me what stood out wasn’t the characters, voices or acting. But the visuals and the way this movie dealt with loss and grief.


The visuals in this movie were amazing, the art was so cleverly drawn that it left me wondering how it was possible to achieve this high level of animation? The city (San Fransokyo) is a prime example of how far the visuals have come over the years. Along with Baymax, which I’ll applaud Disney over making this cute robot that will make any kid’s heart melt.

This movie had a strong use of colours throughout and really gave this movie a modern and futuristic feel in the process.

San Fransokyo at Night



The cinematography (the movement of photography in an image) was cleverly achieved in this movie. This is something that Disney never fails to miss with any of it’s movies. Probably the best I’ve ever seen in a Disney Movie.

Story Telling

This I felt was done particularly well in this movie, the beginning and the ending for the most part. The middle lacked and lost me a bit and in turn left me with something that felt all too familiar. They did use comedy and mystery to drag this out, and even though I was left guessing, it all felt too cliché.

In this movie, (SPOILERS AHEAD, DON’T WANT OR LIKE DON’T READ!) Hiro and his friends take it upon themselves to stop the main antagonist (Professor Callaghan). They try first time and fail, then once after the main protagonist has time away (Wreck-it-Ralph – Ralph) all the protagonists regroup ending with their connection being stronger than ever. This honestly is now just getting overused. But, at least not much time was spent on this aspect throughout the movie.

Also, the parents were once again dead before the beginning of the movie. As much as this did convey the main protagonists’ struggle with loss, Disney needs to come up with something more original.


Now, besides Hiro and Baymax (the two main protagonists), I didn’t really feel the other characters were needed and just wasted time and space. They didn’t feel relatable and overall felt too weak to be plausible. I would much rather have Hiro and Baymax try to defeat the antagonist on their own to build up more suspense.

Big Hero 6 Characters


The background score along with the voice acting was good throughout this film. Something that is very consistent throughout Disney Films.


In Conclusion, this movie has to have been one of my favourites of all time. Although it was a let down in regards to originality. Congratulations to Disney on winning the Academy Award Winner for Best Animated Film of 2014. Definitely a treat for us viewers and definitely well deserved. A must-watch for everyone! 🙂

Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

My Personal Rating: 4/5 Stars


9 Replies to “Big Hero 6 Film Review”

  1. I missed this movie when it was running in cinema, now have it watch it in my tiny laptop screen 😦

    Good review, looking forward for more! You mention cinematography, and that you liked it but didn’t say what exactly you liked. Cinematography is a very wide term that includes a lot of things but people usually talk about the color scheme, lighting and framing etc. I wonder how that applies to an animation movie.

    Thanks for the spoiler alert, I don’t want to know anything before I watch this 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No problem, thanks for the review Uday! I strongly appreciate it. I will have to do further research on Cinematography, I didn’t go in-depth with it because the whole review was almost 600 words. So, I didn’t want to get too technical and thought that I’d do a general analysis. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this movie, I know I did 🙂

      Thanks again,

      – Ainsworth

      P.S. I’ve seen your blog post last night and so far I’ve listened to six of the songs. I’ll have to find you on Spotify right now, lol.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved this movie and my son too! Now he’s all Baymax here and there. Last year, he was all Hickup 😉

    I kind of disagree with some of what you say (about the other characters, and the dead parents), but I think your argumentation is well built.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you much for the feedback Jess! It is really appreciated, I’m glad that you think my argument was well built.

      But, after all we are going to have different opinions, but those factors about the characters didn’t make me enjoy the movie any less. In fact, I have my fingers crossed for a sequel!

      Thanks again,

      – Ainsworth 🙂


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