A Character Study On… (Writing 101 – Prompt 6)

ME! Now, when I first saw today’s prompt I panicked. I seriously had to look away from the computer and absorb the information. I spent the whole day deliberating who I should do a character study on, at first I thought of doing it on famous UK vlogger Zoella. But I soon I felt that it wasn’t right (Sorry Zoe!) so I thought that I should do it on yours truly! Here’s why… FYI, I have never done a character study before.

Okay, so I was asked to name the most interesting person (or people) that I have met this year. I chose myself because after the year I had in 2014Β and the years before that it, itΒ just feels interesting and satisfying that everything seems to be falling into place. Especially when it seemed to all be falling apart last year. Well, okay maybe not falling apart. A better term would be ‘losing my way’. That is, even if I had a way in the first place, haha.

I’ve discovered interests, such as Musical Scores in Media (Thanks to a special blogger), Blogs, Blogging, Vlogs etc. I’m just so happy that I’ve found new interests to make life more interesting I guess. I’d like to thank Vloggers, Zoe Sugg, Joe Sugg, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Louise Pentland etc for being prime examples of great vlogging and yes I do find these people interesting. Plus, I have found some great inspiration from these guys to do with my friends! (Challenges/Games) Which will also be interesting πŸ™‚

Now for the character study, to be honest I was quiet hesitant to give the twist a go as well. But since I got through that I guess I’ll just continue on. After all, I did partake in Writing 101 to learn and to be challenged.

I sat alone on the paint can with the audio of the video in front of me playing as background noise for the trance that I was in. For the first time in a long time I felt happy, no I wasn’t saying it, I wasn’t smiling, I wasn’t even with friends. For once I was at peace and with myself,Β I guess I’m just too happy to show it to everyone. Instead I just continue to sit here and bask in the moment of happiness, as a small smile starts appearing on my face. The first genuine one in a long time…

They say that in a story you must define the character’s role, whether it be the protagonist or the antagonist. In the Story of Life I guess I’m both. I’m the main character of my own story, that much is obvious. But, I’m also the one who presents challenges and obstacles along the way. Like a form of self sabotage, life is only as bad as you make it.

I guess I’ve grown and changed through the bad times last year and although I couldn’t see why it was happening at the time, I now understand. All those bad moments got me to these good moments, every little bad thing that happened to me last year has made me appreciate all of the good things that I have this year. Such as my family, friends, my interests, my school etc. Ok, maybe I could do a better job of showing it.

I’ve also learnt that I am a ‘dynamic’ character. A dynamic character being the one who changes and grows as the story progresses. These characters respond to events and experiences with a change in attitude or outlook. Actually, I think this can relate to everyone reading this, along with the whole protagonist and antagonist roles that I mentioned before.

So that is it! I hope you all did enjoy that, now I’m going to give you all a challenge. When you are doing this challenge or not write a post like this about yourself and if you do leave a link in the comments below and I’ll be sure to read them. Please like, follow or leave feedback as well as it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, here is a link to my other blog post on Challenges, which was also done for Writing 101. This blog outlines my struggle with coping with a major challenge last year (and into this year).


Happy Reading, Good Luck to everyone participating in Writing 101 and Thanks,

– Ainsworth πŸ™‚


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