A Date to Remember (Writing 101 – Prompt 7)

We sat here at the local café, gulping down the small cups of coffee that were placed in front of us before resuming our conversation. It was our first official date and already we couldn’t help but fight. I guess we just couldn’t help ourselves.

“What’s so good about words?” I questioned to Chase.

“What’s so good about thoughts?” he asked. He seemed to think that by asking me a question that it was an automatic response to mine. Before I decided to speak, I thought long and hard about how I should reply to this.

“Thoughts are unique, they’re your version of reality. Whether they are good or bad, they’re also where our dreams and aspirations stem from. As individuals we need this constant drive and motivation to challenge our skills in way that we can’t imagine. To think and conform in different ways I guess and I think that thoughts are partly what life is about.” I stated, trying to make my response sound natural and fluid.

“Wow,” he uttered. He drummed his fingers against the table, in correspondence with his thinking. Time passed slowly before he raised his head, his eyes meeting my mine before he spoke.

“Words are everything, they make up languages, songs, poetry, novels, media. Even thoughts, to me they are everything. That’s why I write, whether it be a story or a song. I believe that there’s no better or truer way of self-expression.” he said.

“Wow,” I replied, matching his reaction. We sat there in silence, neither of us not knowing what to say. Ten minutes passed before he asked:

“How ’bout we get out of here?”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.” I said as I smiled.

We walked out the doors of the café, we were both very mature and decided that no-one would win. Even though in my head I knew who the winner was.

“Why are you smiling?” Chase asked.

“Oh, ah nothing.” I replied.

“You’ve declared yourself the winner. Haven’t you?”

“Maybe,” I said sheepishly. Once again we decided to argue on our way back, me winning of course.

Not a bad way to end our first date if I do say so myself 🙂

Hello Everyone!,

So for those of you that have read One Moment in Time you’ll know that this is a continuation of that. Both of these short stories can be read on their own of course 🙂 Now, in regards to continuing their story I haven’t quite made up my mind yet.

I’d recommend that if you did like this one that you do read One Moment in Time and in both of these posts please like, follow or leave feedback. Tell me if you guys would like me to continue Anne and Chase’s story. For those of you who haven’t figured out by now, that was Anne who was narrating it. Here’s the link to One Moment in Time:


Thank you, Happy Reading and Good Luck to Everyone partaking in Writing 101,

– Ainsworth 🙂


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    1. Haha, lol. Just like I keep forgetting to follow you on Spotify. Technically, I haven’t forgotten. I just have to figure out how to search people up, haha. I haven’t had a chance to read yours! Oh, I’m so not happy. I’ll have to read them when I wake up after my sleep! I don’t want to fall to far behind, haha 🙂

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