An Afternoon in Spring (Writing 101 – Prompt 8)

I sat at the park bench, arching my back over the seat with my head tilted upwards at the sky. Taking in the clouds, the ones that remained stationary, the ones that moved slowly and the ones that covered the sun. A small smile taking control of my lips, the only one I wear when I commune with nature.

“Excuse me?” a voice asked.

“Yes,” I replied. Sitting upright to meet the figure, an elderly woman with a walker. Glasses that sat perfectly on the ridge of her nose and skin that was fair and pale.

“May I please sit here?”

“Yes, please.” I stated as I motioned my hands to the space beside me as she said her thanks.

“What are you doing here?” she asked curiously.

“Just getting in touch with Nature I guess. With all the work, family, friends and responsibilities it just feels good to be out in the open; appreciating life in detail.”

“Oh, that’s nice. I’m glad to hear that people are still doing that nowadays. I’m here to do that as well. I have Cancer you see.”

“Oh I’m so sorry to hear that.” Even though I barely knew the lady that sat with me I couldn’t help but wonder how she got cancer, what type of Cancer it was, but I figured that I didn’t have the place to ask those sorts of questions.

“How long do you have?” I asked.

She closed her eyes as a small tear cascaded down her left cheek, raising her head towards the sky as she wiped it away.

“I’m dying… today.” she mumbled. The thought struck me, to think that a few minutes ago I was just sitting here alone at a park.

“Whoa,” was all I could manage. I looked at her sympathetically.

“I’m going to stay here until I die,” she said.

“I’m going to stay here with you.”

I started looking around, up at the small birds perched high above in the surrounding trees, ducks floating around in the small lake, the small kids throwing Frisbees, how soft and green the grass was. Everyone around me oblivious to what was happening.

It made me realise how all these things were so little, so minute that it didn’t seem to matter. How I myself could be just as oblivious to what was happening around me.

“You don’t have to do that, I mean we barely know each other.”

“Well, let me get to know you then. I’m not taking no for an answer.” I insisted.

That afternoon we just sat there until the Sun started setting before she passed away. I started crying before I finally had the courage to call the Ambulance.

I walked away from that Park, it was funny how someone I knew for such a short period of time came into my life like that and has now left me with the impact of her death. Making me realise that I don’t need a time or a place to make me appreciate life in all it’s forms, that I only needed me and to think that this all started on one Spring’s Afternoon.

Now, this obviously didn’t happen. This was just a short story and a work of fiction that I made up very quickly, I’m hoping that I did a good job with this. As always please like, follow, rate or leave feedback as all of these things would really help me know what you guys think.

I have also posted a Film Review Schedule which is going to be mentioned in every post at the moment. Please check it out! If there’s any particular movie that you’d like me to do please leave a comment on any of my blog posts and I’ll try my best to review them. Keep an eye out for it as it is going to be updated regularly.

Thank you for your continued support, Happy Reading and Good Luck to Everyone doing Writing 101

Ainsworth 🙂 , Xx

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