Of My Losses (Writing 101 – Prompt 4) (Part 2 of 3)

Okay, so here I am with Part Two of Of My Losses. Now, last week’s post was very popular and I just hope that this one will be just or maybe even better than that one. This is a three-part series on the losses of my life and how they have effected me. The last part will be updated in a week, I hope you guys don’t find this too sad or depressing. (SEE THE END FOR FURTHER NOTES).

The Loss of a School

A couple of years ago, I had finished Primary School (K-6). Now, to be honest it took moving to high school and growing up to make me realise how much significance that place held, still holds and how I could’ve shown my appreciation a bit more when I was there. Unfortunately, I was too young to understand what regret and appreciation was.

I joined my Primary School in 2005, which is 11 years ago from today. Now, I don’t hold much memories of my first day of Kindergarten or what I learnt during that whole year. I do remember though a day when we had to dress up for school, I didn’t partake and I became scared of one of the boys who was dressed as Spider-Man. Crazy, I know. I’ll never forget that.

Then as the years went on, I became friends with a lot more people. I was sporty, outgoing, happy plus the drama was more my speed. I basically knew the whole school within a matter of time and they knew me. That’s the way I liked it, plus I was popular. Hey, in a school of 300 that was a pretty big achievement for me. Well, it still is.

That stayed the same after that, but the year that really stood out for me was my last year there which was Year 6. It was the year where we were at the top, the year when I was most popular, the year that I remember the most and probably the best one at that. I remember crying on my last day, that 7 years of that place had just come to an end.

At the beginning of 2012, I moved to high school which is close to home. I already started feeling isolated as most of my friends moved to private, catholic schools further away. Even the friends that I had moved there with didn’t last long, eventually we just all drifted apart. Which made me glad that most of my friends were at other schools as I didn’t have to see the friendships that I made drift away from me.

That year I did Year 7 and 8 in one, as I got into an Accelerated Learning Program (Lucky, I guess) so that didn’t help me either. It just felt like life was going too fast when I would have preferred for it just stop or even slow down. I mean, how could I appreciate something when it just kept moving?!

Since then, I’ve come to appreciate the school that I’m in because I made that mistake last time. I didn’t want moving away to be the only way that I could appreciate something and I didn’t want to spend time after I left the place that I was in, well missing it.

I guess even though I lost a place, I gained one just as good (maybe eve better) to fill my void. I’ve also learnt that you need to appreciate the here and now, that you shouldn’t be looking too far back or looking too far in front of you because you may just miss what’s happening in the here and now. Appreciate the present before it becomes your past.

So there is Part 2 completed! I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed it, please like, rate, follow or leave feedback as any of these things would be greatly appreciated.

Now, I have also posted a Film Review Schedule for the future reviews that I am planning to do for this blog. If there’s any movie that you like or just simply think I should review leave a comment on any of my blog posts and I’ll try my best to review them. Keep an eye out for it as it will be updated regularly.

Here’s the link for my Big Hero 6 Review, please check that out if you haven’t already:


Thank you, Happy Reading and Good Luck to Everyone participating in Writing 101,

– Ainsworth 🙂 , Xx


8 Replies to “Of My Losses (Writing 101 – Prompt 4) (Part 2 of 3)”

  1. I graduated from school just a few years back, and I know how you feel. I thought you captured the essence of the empty feeling well. You know, when you leave school and realize that you could have done more back then… I always have this running through my mind. It is a mixture of regret and emptiness in my mind.


  2. Really interesting post. Particularly for me, as I have a son about to move up from primary school! I’m so glad you managed to settle in and feel you’ve gained somewhere so beneficial to you. Moving schools is a huge disruption but I’m glad you’ve coped so well. Best of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

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