Mashed Potato Madness (Writing 101 – Prompt 10)

Now, this is a work of fiction. Due to the twist where we had to write it over a ‘cup of coffee’ I’ve made it so that I’m in the story but the person that I’m telling it to is entirely fictitious. Sorry for the shortness of this post! (SEE THE END FOR FURTHER NOTES).

“What’s your favourite meal?” my friend asked. Now, even though I had an answer I still couldn’t stop myself from having to think it through.

“I guess Mashed Potato with a side dish of… anything, I guess.” I answered. My friend sat back upright in his seat with a smile.


“Yeah, I mean why not?”

“Haha, what’s so special about Mashed Potato compared to every other meal?”

“Well…” Now I really had to think about this one. “It’s the only thing that I can have vegetables with, besides our family has it so rarely that when I do have it I cherish it. I mean talking about it now, I can just picture the taste of it.”

My friend just smiled at me from across the table, “Is there anything else special about it?”

“Well… when I do have it I feel happy. Like no matter what has happened that day it just automatically makes me feel better.”

“Do you remember the first time that you had it?”

“No, not really. All I know is, is that I’ve always loved the meal.”

After that we chatted for another few hours into the night, we had to leave as we decided to go back home for dinner. I still can’t help but question how we even got onto that subject.

All I wondered as I continued to walk home was if I was having Mashed Potato for dinner 🙂

So, there you have it! The character, the plot and the setting were all fictitious but everything that the protagonist said was what I would say if I was asked those questions. I’m not too sure if I conquered the twist by establishing my own ‘distinct voice’ but you can all let me know down in the by liking, rating, following or leaving feedback below.

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Happy Reading, Thanks and Good Luck to Everyone participating in Writing 101,

– Ainsworth 🙂 , Xx



4 Replies to “Mashed Potato Madness (Writing 101 – Prompt 10)”

  1. I first saw Mashed Potatoes on Masterchef Australia I think.:) We do make something very similar in India but we also throw in a lot of spice powders (oh we do like our spices! :P) and also mashed green peas and cauliflower. Yum!!!


  2. nice post. i like how you used dialogue to literally answer the question. perhaps it would help you find your “distinct voice” by filling the story in with some more details (what kind of day is it, how are the characters feeling, where are they coming from/going, etc.) i also like how you turned mashed potatoes into the main event instead of side dish! they deserve it, i think 😉


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