The Home ain’t where my Heart is (Writing 101 – Prompt 11)

So, today we were asked to write about the house that we lived in at the age of 12. We have to focus on sentencing. Using differing lengths such as short, medium and long. I’ll probably fail at this, so wish me luck. (SEE THE END FOR FURTHER NOTES).

When I was asked to write about the house hat I lived in at the age of 12, the answer was simple. The house that I lived in at 12 is the house that I am currently residing in. As I’m still in school and with my Parents.

To be honest, I have never really liked my house. My Dad has always insisted that it is a good house, but I believe differently. I guess I’m used to thinking that this house is bad that I can’t possibly see the good in it.

Sure, it’s good for a few things. Location being a prime example. Our school is a less than 5 minute drive and 20-30 minutes walking. The shops are a good 10 minutes drive along with the bowling alley and the nearest gym.

The location doesn’t bother me, but kind of does at the same time. I mean, I’d like to move somewhere away from here. Far away from here, I might add. I just feel that there’s too much of me here.

What I really need is to escape from here. A change of scenery, new people etc. That’s why I was so disheartened to learn that we were renovating, not moving. Now, as I close my eyes and breathe I count the days one by one before I’m free of my confines forever.

There you have it! I tried very hard to with these sentences but, I don’t think that I met the challenge completely. Please like, rate, follow or leave feedback as any of these will give me an idea of your thoughts.

I have also posted a Film Review Schedule which is going to be mentioned in every post at the moment. Please check it out! If there’s any particular movie that you’d like me to do please leave a comment on any of my blog posts and I’ll try my best to review them. Keep an eye out for it as it is going to be updated regularly.

I have also started and have almost finished my review on the new movie The Age of Adaline! My second film review, so you could say that I’m very excited!

Thanks, Happy Reading and Good Luck to Everyone doing Writing 101,

– Ainsworth 🙂 , Xx


8 Replies to “The Home ain’t where my Heart is (Writing 101 – Prompt 11)”

  1. You did okay! I guess you did not give yourself much chance to experiment with sentence lengths as this was a very short piece, but this as it stands now is good enough! I can’t think of changing anything here.

    And btw, it’s perfectly alright to feel what you are feeling at your age. I was pretty much the same when I was finishing school.

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      1. Well it’s exciting for sure!! To be in a new city, new people and everything! I really enjoyed having that change of place and the kind of independence that comes with it. Though I did occasionally miss the comfort of our home, but it’s gets better! 😀


      2. That’s good to hear, I know that moving away won’t be completely amazing and that it comes with its disadvantages but honestly I can’t wait to gain that independence and a change of scene!


  2. Lordy … if I had five cents for every time I’ve heard this from people growing up. It would be unnatural, if you did not feel thus.

    Best wishes for your life and keep writing. You have something to offer. Cheers Jamie

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