Word of the Week No. 5

Hey Everyone,

I am so sorry that this wasn’t posted earlier. Technical issues throughout this week have caused me delays in writing my blog posts. So, I’m slowly but surely working my way back up to where I was.

Also check out my most recent Writing 101 Prompt titled What Felt Right which is Prompt 12. Please read, like, rate, follow or leave feedback as any of these would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve also added a Film Review Schedule that went up today outlining the upcoming films that I’m set to review. So, also check that out. If you have a movie that you’d like me to do please leave a comment on any of my blog posts and I’ll try my best to review them. Keep an eye out for it as it will be updated regularly.


(muhlif-loo-uh s)

(adj.) 1. Flowing sweetly or smoothly, sweet-sounding:

Examples: mellifluous tones, a mellifluous voice.

2) Flowing with honey, sweetened as if or with honey.


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