A Lesson in Time Travel (Writing 101 – Prompt 14)

Hello Everyone, so I’m sorry that I’m running behind. Inconsistencies in the weather last week hindered my progress in this course but now I’m back.

Anyway, today I’ve written this post about Time Travel as the first word that jumped off the page for me was ‘travelling’ and I thought that this would be perfect for a letter between my past self and my present self. (SEE THE END FOR FURTHER NOTES).

Dear Past,

I know that things aren’t easy for you at the moment, that you’re finding unhappiness in the things that make you happy, with one thought constantly occupying your mind and a life that’s unpleasant.

But let me tell you something, that underneath all the troubles you are facing in the world at the moment that some good will come out of it. That the storm you are in will pass in due time, just keep an eye out for the small rainbow amongst the clouds.

The troubles that you are facing at the moment may seem like they are big, but trust me they’re not. When you look back on this time as you grow older you’ll laugh it off and realise that you were just exaggerating everything and making it bigger than what it actually was.

You’ll make new friends, develop new interests, find a newfound appreciation for what you have and start enjoying the life that you lead. Just promise me that you’ll hang in there? You’re just stationary at the moment, but once you start travelling you’ll see what this world has to offer.

You may not be completely happy with what you have or don’t have, but soon you’ll understand why as you’ll grow wiser as one does with time. You’re going to go on to do great things, trust me I’d know.

Besides, you know deep down that I don’t need to tell you this as you’ll come to realise that you’ve always known this in the corner of your mind gathering dust, as now it has come in full view and into the light.

As an artist we all go through times of trouble and sometimes our art simply just can’t save us from the depths of the despair that are present in the moment and soon you’ll realise what art is truly about. To save other people, so other people know that they’re not alone.

So chin up, travel with confidence and find joy in what’s around you, I have faith in you man.


The Future

So there you have it! I finally have done this, now I didn’t write about travelling directly but I made this between two people who funnily enough happens to be me! So as always please leave a like, rating, follow or feedback as it is all greatly appreciated.

I have also started and have almost completed my review on the new movie The Age of Adaline! My second film review, so you could say that I’m very excited! Keep an eye out for it as it’ll PROBABLY be published at the end of this week.

Happy Reading, Thank You and Good Luck once again to Everyone participating in Writing 101 we’re on the home stretch now!,

Ainsworth 🙂 , Xx


5 Replies to “A Lesson in Time Travel (Writing 101 – Prompt 14)”

  1. Good to read you again! This was really well done, bro! It’s always a good exercise, of imagining what an elder version of yourself would tell you. Hope you’ll catch up soon with the rest of the posts 🙂

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  2. I feel you on the catching up part, real bad. In addition I’m trying to catch up on commenting on the sites of others…anywho…

    Nice post. It’s an interesting concept, isn’t it? How in the context of our future selves we can see things more clearly even as it’s out current selves writing it! But you’ve invoked some thoughts in me in that I immediately started to think about my past and me then versus me now. How simple it all seems now when I can remember just how I thought then…and that wasn’t that it was simple. So thanks for this message today to remember the past but don’t forget to listen to the future. 😉

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