Of My Losses (Writing 101 – Prompt 4) (Part 3 of 3)

Hi Everyone, so I am currently a bit behind in regards to my Writing 101 Prompts so I apologise for that. I will have a chance (hopefully), to catch up tomorrow. So, here is the last part of the Of My Losses Series’ and I left this one last because I felt that this has probably been and will always be one of my biggest losses. Prompt 13 will be done tomorrow as well and that will also be marked as Part Two. I hope you all don’t find this too sad or depressing. (SEE THE END FOR FURTHER NOTES).

The Loss of my Nan

When I was asked three weeks ago to write a three-part series on what I have lost and how it has affected me, this one definitely came to mind first. Now, I lost my Nan two years ago on July 25th 2013 and this is how it has affected me.

Although my late grandmother and I weren’t very close I did love her with all my heart and to this day still cherish the time and the memories that we had together. She lived an hour and a half away and we would always visit for birthday’s and Christmas’.

I remember that every Christmas I’d have to sleep on a pull out couch next to my Mum. I remember the happiness that it brought to be spending time with her, since time with her was just so rare. I still remember the smell of her flat, oh how it’s still so vivid in my mind. It astounds me to this day at how much time has passed since she left us.

We last saw her on July 21st 2013, it was the day of her late husband’s (my grandfather’s) birthday. She checked herself into hospital just a few day earlier, all I’m left with is regret now at what I could’ve done, said, or even stay there just a little while longer. Holding onto the time that we had before it was taken from us forever.

I remember coming home four days later, hearing that she was dying and that she wouldn’t have long to go. I was left with my mother and brother that afternoon as my Dad went up to see her again. At 10 PM that night I was notified of her passing through my mother’s shriek.


The news took me by surprise, she died on my birthday. It took me a few months to actually accept that she was gone and that it had happened when it did. I felt isolated in this situation, I mean I knew that people had dealt with grief in their own time and way. But, what happens when that day happens to be your birthday? A day that reminds you every year that she’s gone and how much time has passed since it happened.

My next birthday rolled around and it was a good day, I did think of her but honestly now I think that I can deal with it. Sure, the timing was bad but at least her death will always be remembered. I would rather this happen to me than to anyone else.

My point to this is that even though you’ve lost something, that you can always find some peace or maybe even something better than what was taken away from you. This situation tested me and I think that I can gladly say that I have passed.


So there you have it! My three-part series of loss over, but don’t fret because I still have Writing 101‘s Prompts on loss that are still yet to be written. As always if you did like this please leave a like, rating, follow or feedback as any of these would be greatly appreciated. I will also leave the links for the other two posts in this series if you guys are interested.

Now, I have also posted a Film Review Schedule for the future reviews that I am planning to do for this blog. If there’s any movie that you like or just simply think that I should review please leave a comment on any of my blog posts and I’ll try my best to review them. Keep an eye out for it as it will be updated regularly.

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Thanks, Happy Reading and Good Luck to Everyone participating in Writing 101,

– Ainsworth 🙂 , Xx


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