Lost and Found (Writing 101 – Prompt 16) (Part 3 of 3)

Here is the last part of my series on loss for Writing101, now over the course of writing these two series’ on loss I have learnt a great deal about loss and that sometimes things are better left unsaid or buried in the past. Yes, I did do another three-part series on loss, with this one being in accordance with Prompts 4, 13 and 16. The first part is the same in both series’, I hope you all don’t find this sad or depressing. (SEE THE END FOR FURTHER NOTES).

 Lost and Found

It’s a fact that in life we all grow through our fair share of people, the constant decrease and increase in the friendships that you make, even the feeling of being with loved ones such as family doesn’t always guarantee stability. All the constant stretches that you encounter in this world only ever test you and make you grow, but on the other hand it can diminish our self-esteem, confidence, happiness etc. But, from what I’ve learned is that sometimes people need to get lost before they can really find themselves.

I guess for me I have lost myself, even now when I seem happy but I can’t help but feel lost. Not because something’s missing, but simply because I haven’t discovered a part of myself. I realise that no matter who you’re with, what you are pursuing in life, where you are, that it can never really complete you. As there will always be something that will feel out of place, you may think it’s small but it could potentially be significant.

I did lose myself in the world around me only a mere few years ago, I know that from birth you grow up and the only constant is you. I simply got lost. With curiosity really being the only thread I was holding on. At the time, I couldn’t see how the thing that could hurt you, could also be a part of the solution. It just wasn’t logical for me at the time.

Time passed and it didn’t heal wounds, my best friend said that he couldn’t see me like this and issued me with an ultimatum that if I didn’t ‘snap out of it’ he would end our friendship. He ended up leaving and to be honest I felt a bit better, why only have a friend that is going to be with you through the good times, but not be your rock when you need them the most? He was deadweight to me back then.

Sometime after all that and thanks to some counselling, I started to feel something. I started feeling happy again, with the situation still staying the same. Two years later and I’ve definitely grown up, sure I may not be completely happy and there are days that aren’t going to be as good as today but I realise now that it’s just a part of life and that it’ll move on.

After all, sometimes you have to lose yourself in order to find what’s always been there.

So there you have it! It had been an absolute challenge in writing these prompts, so thank you to Writing101 for challenging me with this three-part series. As always please like, rate, follow or leave feedback as any of these would be greatly appreciated.

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Over the weekend, I was also nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by fellow blogger and friend Uday (Udayology). Thank you Uday! Please check out his blog if you haven’t already.

Thank you, Happy Reading and Congratulations to Everyone that participated in Writing101, hope to see you all again next year!,

– Ainsworth 🙂


9 Replies to “Lost and Found (Writing 101 – Prompt 16) (Part 3 of 3)”

  1. Very poignantly put! I truly agree with your sentiments, sometimes you do find yourself in the most hollow of times. Maybe because that’s when the not-so-apparent parts of you come forth.

    And great job at making everything so cryptic 🙂 I dunno how comfortable you are sharing your personal stuff, but if you ever wanna talk, I’m just a mail away 🙂


  2. Congratulations n completing the course and nominated for Versatile Blogger! Counselling can be good and it’s so true that sometimes yo uhave to lose yourself to find what’s already there. Love your post. 🙂


  3. I lost a best friend too for many of the same reasons. We were apart for three years and have been back together for two. I am very careful around her, though….don’t want to get hurt again.


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