The thing that I have realised with myself lately is that I am very, very stubborn. More stubborn than I’d like to admit, or let on for that matter. In that every time I face a problem, instead of ploughing straight into finding a solution I start to dwell on everything surrounding that problem. What events? Who is/was involved? Why did it happen? etc. and I guess this is just me doing it again.

For me I like to be someone who likes to make sense of everything, to try to see the bigger picture to make sense of a smaller problem. Writing has become one way of viewing my problems, which is why it comes to my surprise when there isn’t a solution present. I mean, a problem is only as bad as you make it. At times it just raises questions and problems instead of solving them. I guess that comes with being an over-thinker, right?

I also think that this is why I like to write, to shape and to mould characters, places, events into my liking. Which is why I write about my problems, to have some control over the situation and to try to maybe help other people. To make it more relatable to you readers 🙂 I’ve also found it helpful to read other people’s perspectives on problems to make more sense.

Sometimes writing makes it easier to get my problems out without having to physically talk to someone about them. It’s just my way of acknowledging the problems that I face at the moment. This tying back with my stubbornness that I mentioned previously.

So my question for you all is, ‘How do you gain some control over a problem?’ Whether it be something very minor or something major.

Thank you all for listening,

– Ainsworth 🙂 , Xx


One Reply to “Viewpoint”

  1. You know, I’m quite like you in that regard. I’m always looking at the bigger problem. I don’t think about the immediate solution, my mind will always go on about how we could actually prevent it from happening in the first place. It’s good to know that you channel this into your writing!

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