In the Wake of the Day and the Dead of the Night

Night, is my favourite part of the day (and not just because we get to go to sleep).

You see in the night I find myself to be more observant of the words around me, how you hear the odd cricket noise, the street lamp illuminating its surroundings, how the whole world just dies down. It is also the time when I feel closest to Nature itself.

Even having that rare moment where I have to take out the garbage and I get to gaze up at the stars that fill the sky above me. How I can admire the silhouettes of the trees whose leaves are blowing with the wind. Adding a nice stillness to the atmosphere around me.

This is also the time when I find it best to write, when I’m at that time of the day and I’m left with nothing but my thoughts. Just sitting at my laptop filling up the empty, blank page with words. I always try to write, because you can’t edit a blank page as I heard someone say once.

I also do like the beginning of the day, you know where you wake up early and it’s still dark out. Having those rare morning where you see the sunrise, and seeing everything start coming to life once again.

One thing I’ve always and I mean always wanted to do is walk to school early in the morning, now I know that sounds crazy and technically I have done it once before. But, it’s still dark, there’s not much cars and I happen to appreciate the cold chill at that time of the day.

Although, I don’t usually write early in the morning. I guess it would help if I actually tried it… but with getting prepared for school at that time it simply just doesn’t suit me. I think a lot of people can vouch for me here. Am I right?

So, what is your favourite time of the day? What time of the day do you write? Why is that time of day your favourite?

After all, nothing can compare to the beginning or the ending of a day 🙂


One Reply to “In the Wake of the Day and the Dead of the Night”

  1. You are absolutely right! I think you know by know that I write at night too. I love nights because of the peace and quiet, there’s just absolute stillness all around and my mind’s gears can start without any hindrance. Even as a student, I used to study after everyone has gone to sleep. I just love my peace too much I suppose 😀

    I love early mornings too but it’s a trade-off I have to make, because one cannot both sleep late AND wake up early. Though somedays I force myself to go to bed early if I wanted to catch the sunrise. I never almost write anything on the mornings though.

    And walking, I totally get that. Early morning with the pure and chilly air, chirping birds – best time to take a walk! I have gone on some pretty long walks too. The best being my 2 hour walk from office to home one evening! 🙂


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