Happy Mother’s Day Mum!

So, it’s that time of year again. If you’re anything like me you need Mother’s Day, (we really shouldn’t) but it’s nice to have that reminder for when you forget for the other 364 days of the year to appreciate your Mother.

Now, firstly I would like to say thank you Mum. For everything you have done for me and our family. You truly are the backbone of this family, with your laughter, generosity, courage and unconditional love… it makes you the perfect Mum and role model for me. I can only hope that as I get older that I inherit some of these traits that are not yet evident within me.

I’m very thankful for the good times, and although we do have some rough patches I know that our mutual love and respect for each other will be enough to get us through anything. You have also taught me a lesson I’m going to carry with me through life, and that is the best thing to be in this world is human. That we do mistakes, and that all we can ever do in life is learn from them and improve upon them.

You have also taught me what it means to love. That it requires faith, sacrifice and selflessness. I hope that this way of love is something I shall hope to pass on to all of my loved ones in the future, whether that be friends or family.

Now, I know perfection doesn’t exist. But, I guess God made an exception because if it did or if it does I know that the closest thing to that perfection is you. I also know that I can be a pain, but that way of acting does come from a place of love because as much as you do this for me, I only want what’s best for you 🙂

I hold hope that someday I will make you proud, and that you can go to bed at night knowing you did everything you could and that it was enough. Unlike any other goal I have in life, this is one that I’ll work the hardest for and aspire to achieve as long as I live.

I hope that you truly have a blessed day today Mum!


– Ainsley, 🙂



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