On Missing Someone and Being Missed…

11:54PM: (SIGHS)

Whether he sits at his computer, or sat on his bed staring at his phone, the boy is let down by what he feels is a lack of commitment from someone he cares about. He ponders the thought, ‘If my friend really cared about me as much as they express, then why don’t they seem interested when we talk’. Am I simply being paranoid, dramatic… clingy even? Shouldn’t it be that if someone claims that they miss you, that when the two of you converse that they seem interested?

The young boy reminisces on the days as they gradually formed together and slowly became a week. He sighs once again, now I know what you’re thinking. He’s that overly attached friend that expects messages left, right and centre but that’s far from it. He understands that life gets in the way and that sometimes other things take up more time and effort. But, even when he receives contact from his ‘friend’ it just seems… callous.

And it’s always been like this, you’re so used to being treated this way that when someone shows you more love, affection and commitment you seem taken aback. That’s what the boy finds truly sad about this situation, (and I think that you can agree) that this way of treatment has now become somewhat normal to him. For someone that cares so much, is this treatment justified? Or not?

He struggles to find the words that he feels would be fitting for the ending, but he can’t. And I guess finding the ending won’t only need to be found for this story…


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  1. Uday says:

    The boy you’ve described could easily have been me. 😦 This is so honest and real, thanks for putting it into words.
    As much as we’d like to feel that somebody is as invested in us as we are in them, sometimes the truth can be painful. And there’s basically naught I can do about it. Because the last thing I want to do is demand love and care.

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