Music Musing: Love In The Dark by Adele (2015)

2:19AM: ‘Really Ains?’

You’d think that it’d be easy right? Given my love for this song, and for Adele… you’d think that expressing my thoughts for the song that I’ve come to love would come naturally. But to be honest, I’m struggling here.

But, now that I ponder about it some more…

So, for many months now I have tried to find the thing that has been causing me misery for a long time now. In everything and everyone around me with no succession. And then this song came on, and it all clicked. And suddenly, I didn’t feel so alone.

This song basically dabbles around the fact that Adele, was in or currently has a relationship with someone that she just can’t seem to leave and explores the balance between being ‘happy’ (living) and ‘sad’ (surviving) and the darkness that comes from drifting apart from a person to such an extent that to salvage what was once had, would be deemed ‘pointless’. As we learn through the song that she’s ashamed of not only falling out of love with person, but realising that she must let go in order to be happy and to live.

I highly recommend listening to the whole album! (If you haven’t already).

Track No. 8 Folks and Happy Listening!

– Ainsworth, 🙂 Xx



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