On Awkward Silences…

1:45PM: ‘I’m back!’

So, I’m just going to start this off by raising the question. When a conversation has ended, and the space between two people is now filled with silence; Why do we feel this internal pressure to continue the conversation?

See, I was in a situation with a friend of mine where we had exhausted the action of conversing and we were now silent. So, on the way back… even on the way there to the place where we were going. We ran out of things to talk about.

When I was faced with this situation, I realise now that I didn’t handle it so well. On both occasions I both raised things that I knew would bother my friend or something insignificant and something I full well knew. Which now that I ponder this thought, doesn’t make much sense.

You’d think that if I had a friend, who I would consider a ‘good’ friend that I wouldn’t find these situations as awkward as they are. But I do, to me they’re bloody stressful. I find that the usual ‘carefree’, ‘stress free’ person that I am has now disappeared and is replaced with an alien of sorts.

I guess what I’m trying to figure out is, when does it become okay for these situations to become less awkward? Is there a certain time period, does it vary from person to person? Must something have to happen in order for this level of comfort to be achieved? Am I the only person that really can’t stand these situations?

Well, I thought that writing this would act as a solution for this dilemma… but maybe the solution is that I need to learn to not lose myself when I’m confronted with an awkward silence and to just to let it be.

Like writing, let the words flow naturally. That’s it! That’s the solution!

Thanks for helping me figure this out!

– Ainsworth, 🙂 Xx





2 Replies to “On Awkward Silences…”

  1. I think it is more about feeling comfortable with the other person. There are some people who I really feel comfortable with and am okay to be in silence with them because it’s companionable silence. But with others its awkward! I guess you’re right, just feel comfortable in yourself.

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    1. That is very true! Maybe I feel so awkward with silences because I still haven’t completely achieved an understanding of myself. (SIGHS) But, after all that’s what life is about after all! Or maybe I’m just simply overthinking… that’s probably more like it, haha.

      Thanks for the comment and like,

      – Ainsworth, 🙂 Xx


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