A Mistake in Impatience

DISCLAIMER: This post is once again a ‘Fictional’ Post, but I guess… on closer inspection. Some of it can relate to me, but that comes down to you dear reader 🙂

This post was inspired to me by ‘The Daily Post‘ October 18th Prompt – Waiting. Enjoy! Xx

1:24AM: ‘Oh the irony! Haha…’

Ever since I could remember, I’ve been impatient. I couldn’t wait for anything, birthdays, Christmases, the future. If only I had the patience to wait, and to truly enjoy the moments that I lived through.

Fortunately, for me. I’ve lived through a lot of good moments, getting my first car, graduating high school, starting to work. This fed to my impatient nature as all of these things seemed to be happening almost simultaneously, and because so much was happening in a short span of time. I didn’t really get the time to appreciate what I had…

But, with all of these things happening… I kind of attained this habit where I constantly sought out what could be lying ahead. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t have an appreciation for the things I got. Oh no, that most certainly wasn’t the case. I just wanted to experience all that this world had to offer… Was there really anything so wrong with that?

I guess I did have experiences, that’s for sure. To say that it was pure un-luckiness would be an understatement. I was shunted out of a job that I didn’t necessarily like, but was good at. I lost my car to an road accident involving a heavily intoxicated woman who thought that it was a good idea to drive in her condition on top of fatigue. I even lost contact with the friends I had made throughout high school, they thought that I was ungrateful. A lot of people did, all my ex-girlfriends would have no hesitation in telling you that.

Now I’m sitting here; alone. In my apartment, on New Year’s Eve. My ears are being filled with the sounds of traffic, yelling drunks, music being blasted from passing cars and the faint sound of an ambulance speeding past. I hope that person’s okay…

I stood up and watched all this unfold from the view of my balcony, I can’t help but admire the people that still have to work tonight. Poor people, they’re starting the New Year without being with their families. I raise my beer as a silent salutation to them and take a swig before drowning my sorrows the best way I know how.

I can hear the countdown from 30 Seconds on the TV. Unlike before, I don’t actually mind waiting now. There’s the Greek God I learnt of in School, ‘Theocritus’ I recall, who preached that every year was a gift.

Well, for me. Each year reminds me that another year has passed and no changed has occurred at all. I guess, constantly not having exposure to so much change makes you do appreciate it when it happens. Even if it’s the littlest of things. I am jolted out of my thoughts as I hear:

‘3… 2… 1!’ The TV lights up with a beautiful fireworks display that lasts a few, long minutes. If those fireworks were somehow an indication for the year those people who got to witness it’s magic had ahead of them, then it would be nothing short of magnificent.

When the realisation that I’m not one of those people hits me, I raise my beer before announcing, ‘I hope your right Theocritus, Happy New Year to me.’ I stated, before taking another swig of my beer.

I just had to hold hope that today was going to be nothing like the rest of the year…



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