Guidance through Light

Lighthouses always showed the way, that was their purpose.

I even recall a show I watched in adolescence, ‘Round the Twist’ I start reminiscing on this memory fondly.

If only it’s light could show me the way forward now, so I would constantly stop looking back…

DISCLAIMER: So here it is! My entry for Three Line Tales Week 38′. 

Now, to be honest up until today I had never even heard of Three Line Tales so partaking straight away was quite a shock to me.

I would also like to say thank you to Sonya for this prompt! It is definitely something I look forward to doing again. Visit Sonya’s Blog if you would like to participate also, all the rules and guidelines will be over there. Just click on the green link to take you there 🙂

I hope I’ve addressed this prompt properly, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. As this is something I’d like to get better at 🙂

Photo Credit (for the Prompt): By William Bout


– Ainsworth, Xx


19 Replies to “Guidance through Light”

  1. I feel that it is only by looking into our past that we can ever meaningfully move forward. Your lighthouse may be signaling a well worn harbor, but that doesn’t mean your berth can’t also be a place of growth! Keep writing man.

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      1. I have no idea. You might say it’s because my birthplace is famous for its lighthouse, or simply that they provide an excellent source of metaphor and contemplation. The mystique surrounding the solitary light after months at see is captivating to me

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      2. Wow, the way you describe it is just amazing. I can really tell that is is something that fascinates you, you are right. They are an excellent source for metaphor and contemplation. I myself have never seen a Lighthouse in person before…

        – Ainsworth, Xx

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      3. Ooh, I would love too! Well, trust me… next time I’ll have all the time in the world to be able to do that!

        After reading your post, even doing this prompt. It has made me realise that this is something I must see!

        – Ainsworth, 🙂 Xx

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  2. It would be great if we always had something to show us the way, but sadly sometimes we’re scuffling around in the dark! Nicely metaphorical take on the prompt and I hope you continue to enjoy TLT – it’s a great prompt 🙂

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      1. My absoloute pleasure. And I think you’re right – regular prompts keep your imagination turning over, throwing up surprising things you might not have considered had you just stared at a page. They’re really good fun too 🙂

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      2. Very true, I mean I just finished writing a piece from a prompt I know I definitely would never have considered had I not partaken! My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner! I just love the feeling of writing! 🙂

        Thanks Lynn!

        – Ainsworth, 🙂 Xx

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