Disappearing Act (Part 1/2) – Slipping Away

DISCLAIMER: This is once again purely a work of ‘Fiction’. Now, I’ve been thinking that after seeing today prompt on ‘The Daily Post‘, I am considering as to whether I should make this story two-parts. If you would like to see that at all, leave a comment at the bottom of this one!

This post was inspired to me by ‘The Daily Post‘ October 19th Prompt – Underground. Enjoy! 🙂

12:28AM: ‘EUREKA! I’ve got it!’

‘He’s back…’ I said to myself, my voice barely above a whisper. A shorter haircut, some finer clothes… even his walk is different somehow. But, that’s definitely him.

I was about to disappear, similar to what he did to me two years ago. But, precisely at the moment I thought I could get away…

“Kimberley!” I heard him yell. The people in the food court, who had previously been tucking in and making small talk with company now had all of their attention on me. I covered my face as I stated without turning around;

“Sorry, wrong person.” In my best British Accent, before he even had a chance to reply I started to walk away. I started holding my head up, eyes slowly pulling into focus on the sliding glass doors that lead to court yard outside.

Before I made it, thinking I was safe. My mind started to drift and focus on something else, footsteps. Behind me; the undeniable sounds of footsteps. Quickening ones at that… Crap, he was following me. Okay, maybe I had to add ‘smarter’ to the list of things that had changed about him. But nonetheless, I had to lose him. But how?

As I neared the doors, I spotted a red, circular button that had the words ‘Fire Alarm’ inscribed above it. I slowly shifted into a sharp left turn, and without hesitation I hit the button.

The alarm reverberated through the walls of the mall, and that along with the sounds of running and screaming were the only sounds that could be heard now. It was selfish, I know… But given my selfless nature has only led me to hurt and suffering, I decided to put a stop to that at once.

“Why would you do that?!” He barked.

“To avoid this?” I stated matter-of-factly, as I made a gesture pointing between him and me.

“Avoid what?! Seeing me again? Look, I’m sorry I disappeared…”

“Disappeared, you might as well have been underground! I spent months trying to find you, and when I finally did you had already moved on!” I screeched. I was trying so hard to not get angry, but clearly not hard enough. I honestly thought that I had let go, and moved on. But, it seems I still have so much hate left in me. Maybe talking to him would be the key to letting go, once and for all.

And then that’s when I saw it, the look of defeat as his face fell towards to the ground. Looking at his shoes, he knew that he couldn’t justify that. Why? Because I was right.

“Kimberley…” he said exhausted, as he finally looked up to meet my gaze. Panicked people were now rushing to get past us, as I heard the familiar sound of the fire trucks pull up outside.

“You know, you’re not the only one that can go underground!” I yelled before I made my disappearance. And unlike the person I was all those years ago… I didn’t intend to go back.



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