Disappearing Act (Part 2/2) – Resurface

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of ‘Fiction’. Now, as I stated in my last blog post, this post is a continuation of the one that was posted today/yesterday (wherever you are from). So, personally I would advise going to that post first (If you want). But, just know that both posts are stand-alone 🙂

This post was inspired to me by not only ‘The Daily Post‘ October 19th Prompt, but October 20th’s Prompt – Ancient. Enjoy!

11:14PM: ‘Part Two here we go!’

“Why didn’t you speak to him? I mean, it’s what you’ve wanted to do for the past two years! That’s why you were so intent on finding him in the first place!” My friend Lucy stated. We’d just become friends before he disappeared. So, she had a deep awareness and understanding of this situation.

“I… I couldn’t. What would I say?! That I hated his guts long after he just disappeared?! Or that there’s a part of me that still has unresolved feelings for him?! And that they may partly be the reason I haven’t moved on in all this time?!” I roared. I hated this person, the person I had become because of him. And the person I had become after he left.

Funnily enough, I thought it would be easy to revert back to the person I was. Before it all happened, but I guess a love like ours… Isn’t that easy to recover from. How could four short months still have such a large impact on me after all these years?!

Maybe it isn’t about the time at all, maybe when you meet someone. Someone that you’re going to end up loving, and having that love reciprocated… It has this permanent hold on you, and even if you do manage to let go… it never really goes away completely. But, that was about love that was ‘true’. And I wasn’t sure if our love was…

I mean, I know my feelings were. As were his, but now… who knows?!

“Kim, I know you guys were ancient history…”

“Were?” I questioned. “Oh no, we are ancient history. He left me Lucy.”

“I know, but you never quite know what the future holds… that’s the beauty of life.”

“Yeah well, I don’t need to be a psychic to know exactly what the future holds for us, and yes… life may be beautiful. But what he did, how he made me feel… isn’t! I loved him! And the way he was, when I saw him all those years ago… it didn’t really seem like he felt the same way.”

“Have you asked him?’

“Why bother, I know I’m being my usual dramatic self. But, when I wanted to talk to him… He wasn’t here. And expecting me to be here for him, now. It’s not fair…”

Lucy continued to gaze out the window, mindlessly drifting into something far more interesting than what we were talking about. I couldn’t blame her, she’s probably heard enough of my whinging on this topic to last a lifetime.

She sighed, before she stood up and left.

I stood up, and turned out the window… sure enough, there he was. Walking up along my driveway. And with a look of determination fixed onto his face that said he wasn’t going to let me disappear that easily, not again anyway… great. I guess his ‘stubbornness’ is something that has gone unchanged these past couple of years…

I sighed before turning away from the window, and taking deep breaths. There was no escaping now, he knew and I knew it.

Whether I liked it or not… disappearing was no longer an option for me.



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