No Marked Price

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of ‘Fiction’. 

And was also inspired by the ‘The Daily Post‘ October 21st Prompt – Millions. Enjoy!

10:42PM: ‘Okay here me out!’

“What would you do with millions of dollars? I mean, I know money can’t buy you happiness… but it can buy things that can make you happy.” He said. I turn around, furrowing my brow.

“You can’t be serious…”

“I am…”

“Well… I already have all of the things that make me happy. I have a roof over my head, food on the table… and a man to call my own. Anymore things, and one would have me pegged as being greedy.”

“It’s just that… money can buy you everything. Everything you could ever want.”

“No, that’s not true! Can it buy people, respect, trust or love? Sure money can buy you a lot, and sure you do a lot with it. But, it will never be able to attain everything you desire.”

At last he gave me that smile of his, the one he flashed when he knew I had won.

I forgot to add one last thing to that list of things money can’t buy, ‘Moments’.

Because moments like this, the ones I get to share with him… they really are priceless to me.



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