How They Shine

DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘Fictional’ Post. Now this post is dedicated to @itsphoebelouise who requested that I do another story relating to the one I did for ‘The Daily Post‘ Prompt – Volunteer. If you haven’t read it, click on Volunteer to check that post out, and make sure to check out Phoebe’s blog as well! Show her some love! šŸ™‚

This post was also inspired by ‘The Daily Post‘ October 24th Prompt –Ā Tiny. Enjoy!

11:07PM: ‘This is so damn relatable! (To me anyway, haha)’

“Haha, is everything okay here?” Ben asked as propped down beside me. I was laying down in the long grass, staring up at the sky. I always lost myself… especially at this time of day. How could you not? People think that Sunrises and Sunsets are beautiful, which they are. Don’t get me wrong. But, there’s something in the stars and the way they shine that never fails to pique my interest.

“Haha, yes it’s fine.” A slight pause filled the space between us, as the sound of the crickets chirping and the cars going past suddenly made it’s way into focus.

“Can I ask you something?” I questioned.

“Anything you want.” He grinned. Just like me and the stars, I had grasped his interest.

“What are your thoughts on stars?” I asked. Turning to face him as I rested my head in my hands.

“They’re beautiful, and I kind of feel like they get neglected a lot.” He replied as he looked up towards the sky.

“I love the thought that when there’s darkness in the sky, that there is tiny team out there. Who makes the world brighter for us. For me, before I moved here to the city. I was fortunate enough to live in the countryside…” He took a moment and closed his eyes, relishing in that memory. I smiled at this, pleased at his answer.

“…And on a clear night. The stars were just so beautiful. You could see so many, and no matter where you turned your eyes would be greeted with more. One of the many things I miss about the country life. But, the stars aren’t my favourite thing to look at…”

I tilted my head, showing my intrigue. He gazed down to me before smiling and looking down at the grass.

“I’m in love with the moon you see…” He stated, as he started picking at the grass.

“Ooh, why’s that?”

“Haha, if I told you. You’d think me mad.” He chuckled slightly.

“Ben, tell me!” I demanded in a more serious tone. But, my smile betrayed me…

“See, I like cheese… Haha” He said, meeting my gaze once again.

“Oh no, please don’t tell me you’re in love with the moon because you thought it was made of cheese.” I laughed hysterically.

“Haha, can I tell you something?” He asked. With seriousness laced in his tone.

“What’s that?” I chuckled.

“I still kind of hope that it’s true…” He laughed.

I laughed as well, before asking. “Is that all you love about the moon?”

“Well, that’s not the only thing…” He blushed.

“I love the moon, because… it’s in amongst the vast array of stars. You know, you can turn any which way when you’re looking up and see stars. But, the moon… unless you change your standpoint you’re only going to see it in one place.”

How was it possible? How could two people love the night as much as we do, and somehow love it in very different ways (I eye rolled at the thought of cheese being a possible answer).



2 Replies to “How They Shine”

  1. Wow! Thank you for dedicating this post to me! And I also hope the moon will someday be made out of cheese. Mozzarella to be exact. Just think how cool and weird that would be!

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