The Love for Fishing

DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘Fictional’ Post. 

This post was inspired by ‘The Daily Post‘ November 14th Prompt – Fish. So, enjoy! Xx

2:08AM: ‘Ooh, this took an unexpected turn…’

“Dad, we’ve been out here for hours and in all that time literally nothing has happened. Look, I know of the saying, ‘There’s plenty of fish in the sea’. But, I think that it’s time to accept…”

“Defeat? Have you ever stopped to think that maybe I hate the waiting too?” The Dad questioned.

“Well… no. I mean, if you hate the waiting… Why would you put yourself in a position where you have to?” The Son asked.

The Dad met his gaze with a slight smile before saying, “Simple son, it’s because of love. Love drives you to do stupid things at times. Even things that you hate.”

His Son couldn’t help but raise a curious brow at this remark. As if to beckon his Father to elaborate on this further.

“See, when you love something… Like I love fishing. You’re willing to put up with the hate because love is a stronger emotion.”

“I may hate waiting, but boy do I love fishing!” He chuckled lightly before looking out to the open water of the sea once more.

The Boy thought about this, he did know that love could drive one to do stupid things. And he was also aware that love had a connection to hate, as they were opposites. He never thought of it that way before.

He looked back at his Dad, I guess he could apply it to this situation. He was outside, in the open water, waiting for a catch with his Dad. He did hate this whole situation, but I guess his love for his Dad did outweigh the hate.

He couldn’t help but smile when he saw his Dad exclaim when he reeled the fish back onto the boat. His Dad went on to explain that it was ‘Mackerel’ nothing too special but it would have to do.

It was here that the Son’s love of fishing had begun…



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