DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘Fictional’ Post.

Now, this might seem random… but does anyone else think that this photo reminds them of the short film ‘Piper?’ (This is the short film that was played before ‘Finding Dory’.)

Photo Credit: Ray Hennessy (Courtesy of Unsplash.com)

This post was inspired by ‘The Daily Post‘ November 16th Prompt – Filthy. So enjoy! Xx

6:28PM: ‘Second blog post today! YAY!’

“I miss him…” My Mother stated, accompanied with an exasperated sigh.

“He’s still here, it’s not like he’s dead,” I remarked bluntly.

Although I knew what she meant; I felt the same way. We both thought that he was someone… different. Or rather better.

He was the promise, he was the hope, for a brighter future. Now here we are, so submerged in the darkness, that even the tiniest ray of light couldn’t be detected.

“He might as well have been.” My Mother said, jerking me from my thoughts. “Because that’s exactly what he is to me, now.”

“Mother you don’t mean that.”

She bore into me with her cold, mud brown eyes. “Read my lips son…”

“I. DO!” She bit through clenched teeth.

For some reason, I couldn’t help but suddenly feel fearful of her. Of what? Her words? No, she said them at her wedding. Those words commemorated a brighter future.

Just like what my brother had promised…

I continued to stare at her, trying as hard as I could to figure out what it was that had scared me. Her tone perhaps? If I’m not mistaken, I would suggest that it was a combination of bitterness, anger, resentment… and disappointment.

But, that wasn’t it either. Maybe it was the truthfulness in her words, the sense of certainty when she raised her voice slightly higher.

He was the one, at the end of the day, to become filthy rich. I guess I was afraid of losing someone I loved. My Mother, or my Twin Brother?

It wasn’t an easy choice, I’ll tell you that. Nonetheless, I can’t help but feel this decision was made all those years ago…

“Goodbye Leo, I hope your riches can provide you with something we obviously couldn’t…” I mouthed.

“Happiness,” I finally uttered before embracing my Mother.



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