DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘Fictional’ Post.

Now, I’m not going to lie. I really did struggle with this prompt initially. But, as the saying goes ‘Better late than never.’

This post was inspired by ‘The Daily Post‘ November 17th Prompt – Percolate. So, enjoy! Xx

9:51PM: ‘This took me a ridiculous amount of time to write! Gosh Ains!’

“Could you percolate my coffee please?” My Boss asked.

“Huh?” Was all I could manage to utter.

“Haha, you see that pot over there? That’s called a ‘Percolator’. I’d like you to make my coffee with it.” He stated condescendingly.

“Didn’t the production of percolators get disbanded in the 70’s due to the invention of the electric drip?” I questioned, taking a sip of my own coffee. (With an electric drip, mind you.)

“Haha, so I’ve been told. So what if I’m old-fashioned. Some people even loved that about me once upon a time…”

“Besides, I like using a percolator. Does that make me a bad person?” He continued.

“Nope,” I paused. “It just makes you refuse change…”

“See the way I view it, if you don’t change things every once in a while. You begin to neglect the things that you have because you think that they’re always going to be there. Change gives you an appreciation for what you have…

“Or should I say ‘had’,” I said sarcastically.

“I really hope that you’re not implying that I never appreciated you.”

“Well, maybe if I had felt some appreciation… maybe our marriage wouldn’t have failed.”

“I wasn’t the best husband was I?” He said with a more serious tone…

“That’s an understatement… but still, I have no regrets.”

He smiled, “Tell you what, make me a tea. If I like it, your point would’ve been proven correct. Therefore, you can keep your job…

“And who knows, maybe I’ll even finally appreciate you.”

My mouth dropped open, as I proceeded to boil the water. My job was now on the line, and for what? A TEA?! 

I hoped to God that he’d like it…


That afternoon I packed up everything in my office. Now, it wasn’t because he didn’t like the tea. He actually didn’t mind the taste of it at all…

I’ve decided to start following my own advice. Who was I to chastise him about change when I had been in this job for as long as I could remember. So,I’m going to start up my own business, maybe even in a different field, who knows?

As I walked out of my office, I glanced at my Boss one last time. His head was absorbed in the work on his desk, that wasn’t a surprise. Walking out of this job would mark the end of our working relationship.

He gazed up at me through the glass, we stared at each other. Way longer than two work colleagues would, but not long enough to realize that this would be the final goodbye.

As I was about to leave, he shot a wink at me. I couldn’t help but return the wink with one of my own before I exited the building.

Now that I was immersed in the overly polluted air of the city, I couldn’t help but think of how our working relationship may be over. But, maybe another relationship wasn’t…



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