On Closer Inspection…

DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘Fictional’ Post.

Now, in one bit of this story. It does make reference to a part of my personality, points to who gets it! 🙂

This post was inspired by ‘The Daily Post‘ November 18th Prompt – Mythical. So enjoy! Xx

11:29AM: ‘At least this was easier than the last prompt! Haha’

“What’s that you’re drawing Gracie? Is it a horse?” 

“No Miss, it’s a Unicorn.”

The Teacher adjusted her glasses and picked up the piece of paper, it was indeed the mythical creature that Gracie had pointed out.

She couldn’t help but reminisce on her youth; when she would draw rainbows.

She was jolted from these thoughts, as she felt the drawing being tugged by Gracie. Who was struggling to retrieve the drawing she so desperately wanted to finish.

“Oh here Gracie, I’m so sorry about that.” The Teacher stated, slightly embarrassed.

“That’s okay, I’m used to having things being taken away from me.” She replied, murmuring the last part.

“What is that supposed to mean Gracie?”

“It’s just something my Dads said; after we lost my Mum.”

“Oh, he does?” The Teacher questioned.

“Yep, that’s why I draw unicorns.”

“I don’t understand Gracie.”

“I love to draw, so my Dad told me to always draw things that I loved because that’s the best thing that you can ever put into something you care about. Like he did with Mum.” She said as she finished drawing the horn.

“Ah, so that’s why there are unicorns.” The Teacher said before she walked away. 

It was funny how things from afar can seem so… ordinary. But when you look upon closer inspection, they can reveal things beyond your imagination.

After all, she did draw rainbows when she was young…


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