2:24AM: ‘YAY! More poetry on the way! (Hey, that rhymed! How ‘eye-ronic’. Haha, okay I’ll just leave now…) 

I used to see the world through my camera’s lens

It was a way to unwind, a way to not feel so tense

Then it broke, and I said goodbye. So now I see the world, through a set of two eyes.


DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘Fictional’ Post.

So, after writing this post… I have decided that I am going to ‘try’ (emphasis on that) to incorporate as much poetry as I can into these prompts! YAY! Now truth be told, I really do like writing these posts. And because I don’t generally write poetry, I’m going to make my responses to these prompts as ‘poetic’ as possible 🙂

So, to participate in Three Line Tales. Be sure to click on the green to find out information regarding the rules.

Photo Credit: Grant McCurdy (Courtesy of Unsplash.com)

Happy Writing! 

– Ainsworth, Xx


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