THE PROGRESS REPORT (No. 1) – The Reminder to Try Harder!

DISCLAIMER: This is a ‘Non-Fictional’ Post.

So I came up with an idea over the weekend. This is going to be a new segment in my blog where I just discuss with you the inner workings of my mind. (I do think a lot, and I figured hey! Might as well share that with you guys!)

Sit down, grab yourself a coffee or a tea and read about my life and what I’ve come to realise from it 🙂

Be sure to leave a like, comment or follow if you do like it! Feedback is appreciated 🙂

2:17PM: ‘And, today on Ainswordly let’s welcome our newest segment!’

It happened four days ago… (Four score, seven years ago. Haha, what? I couldn’t help myself). One year of hard work and preparation (or lack of) had come down to this one day. It was this day that had hit me with the realisation of just how delusional and naive I had been.

How could I possibly think that a lack of interest and motivation would lead me to the number that I had wanted when this day was to arrive?

See all my life, I have had this tendency to not put effort into the things I needed to and somehow hope that I would come out the other end unscathed. And up until this year, this had worked.

Every. Single. Time.

Until now…

Now the Universe is trying to give me my wake-up call, it’s trying to scare me into realising that this callous and carefree nature just won’t cut it in my adulthood.

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think that the seriousness of the situation has kicked in. I mean, I’ve basically been doing one thing since I finished my exams…

What is that? You ask…

Absolutely nothing!

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true. I guess for the first time in my life I’ve actually been working out. (I know, crazy right?!) But, I have been doing exercises at home in order to get the abs I desire.

So, I do have a goal. And so far I am working hard to get there.

Not that I’ve made changes into my eating habits of course (Let’s not get too carried away, haha). But otherwise, I have been trying very, very hard in my exercises.

How do I know this?

Well a couple of night ago during my workout, I had finished my second set. And the idea of struggling through the third made me incredibly weary. But I did struggle through it, I completed all of the six exercises that were in the third set! (I do three sets of the same exercises 🙂 )

Why am I writing this post?

Well, this post is my reminder. To try harder and to know that when I put my mind to it, that I can achieve whatever I want. This post is our reminder to not give up on our goals (No matter how long they may take, haha).

I’m going to wrap it up with an Adele Reference (or two, hehe).

‘Hello from the other side!’

‘Go on, go on and take it! Take it!’

It’s been good chatting, how about we do it again sometime?

– Ainsworth, 🙂



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