A Year in Review: ’16 Edition

2016 is finally coming to close, and this collage that you see… This is celebrating all the posts that I am most proud of, the most popular ones and one of them is a type of post that was done last year. But I’m feeling that next year some more of this particular type of post will make a strong comeback to ‘Ainswordly’ and I cannot wait!

This year has really tested me in ways I couldn’t even imagine, and I can’t help but realise that when I read over these posts again. All the lessons I’ve learned, the growth that has come to me as a writer and as a person has truly been bizarre!

Now, I’m not going to lie… I’m not going to make a personal New Year’s Resolution. I personally don’t believe in them, and I feel like a lot more people are unsuccessful in achieving these resolutions than the people that do. I’m not going to lie, I did kind of make one… But I’ve already started working towards that goal already! If you want to know more of this goal, be sure to read:

If you want to know more of this goal, be sure to read: THE PROGRESS REPORT (No. 1 – The Reminder to Try Harder!’

I just thought of an example of how I have changed as a writer, the laptop. I would always flat out just write my posts on a laptop.  But ever since I have started taking pen to paper before I hit publish, I feel like my posts have improved in style and creativity.

I’ll let you be the judge of that, hehe 🙂

Haha, it’s funny. I’m writing this post now on a laptop and I feel weird. I forgot how scary and unpredictable typing could be when you have absolutely no idea what you are going to say! I guess I’m doing this now to see how much I truly have grown.

I’m also writing this post because I wanted to give you all a massive ‘Thank You!’. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone that has hit like, or follow or left a lovely comment to brighten my day! You are all so lovely and I’m so thankful to be surrounded by such positivity and creativity!

I truly hope you too have all had an amazing year, and I can only hope that 2017 brings you all the health, happiness good fortune possible.

I thoroughly look forward to writing more posts for you all, just as much as I look forward to reading yours.

I will be a better blogger, I will!

Just you wait.

Wait, is that a resolution? Gosh darn!

– Love Ainsworth, Xx

P.S. I included the names of all the blog posts in the collage above, but unfortunately, I couldn’t link them! 😦 So if you would like to read them, you’ll just have to scroll through or just search through Google. Who knows? Maybe next year I would’ve figured it out. Haha!



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