The Path not Taken

The Path not Taken, something I can guarantee most of you have thought about at one point or another. How the late bus, the chance meeting of a person or even the mistakes you make, no matter how small contribute to who we all are.

I know this sounds strange, but when I look at lonely, sad or elderly people I can’t help but think what decisions they have made that have led them to that certain point in their life. If they could change one thing to make their lives better or to take back something they regret, what would they change?

Then I look at the popular, happy and younger people. How you can tell from their expressions to the way that they dress that they’re happy with where they are. With their whole lives stretched out in every direction. I mean, how will they’re choices in their youth impact them as they grow older? But either way, each of us paints a very different story.

I also question where people are going, the dull, depressed people who dawdle among crowds to get the money they need from working. These are the people who hate their jobs, the ones who didn’t get their dream and are regretting it everyday. If only they had done something different.

Then there are the confident, good-looking, smart people who look happy. The way they stride or the spring in their steps. The ones who made it, are living the dream and the ones enjoying their jobs and their lives.

So, I guess what I’m wondering is do you have something you could change? To make your life possibly better or maybe unintentionally worse? Is there somewhere or someone you’d like to be or be with? What would you change to get there or to be with them? I have a lot of things I’d like to change, too many to count. But, I guess all I’m hoping for now is that my story has a happy ending.


2 Replies to “The Path not Taken”

  1. Sure there are things that we’d all like to change but for the most part accepting your past and living in the present is the first step in having a happy future 🙂


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